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Parallel Lines
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JOHN 3:16

The Gospel Never Told

Blue Pill


The Blue Pill...

Millions Are Living In

A Spiritual Wonderland

That delusional place where the majority of
people are comfortably existing in a state of silent despondency, coupled with the blissful expectation of inheriting a kingdom that was promised to a very specific people by a God of War and Justice, without knowing or understanding the who, when, what, where, why, or how that will justify His course of action against those who have opposed His omnipotence. Void of wisdom. Void of law.
Void of understanding.

Red Pill


The Quest To Vacate The Delusional Land Of Lies

The Red Pill...


Your Thoughts...

It is no longer acceptable to simply go to church, sit in Sunday school, and hope to be taught the truth about things concerning God, Christ, the Jews, the Laws of God or the Bible. You must take an active roll in reeducating your self and challenge old paradigms and perspectives. 


Your Learning...

The internet has made it possible to learn almost any and everything under the heavens. The only thing preventing the majority of us from doing so is the the will to. The strongholds that were instilled within us via religion and upbringing can be a challenge

but how bad do you want it is

the question.


Your Mind...

If you desire to learn the truth about anything you must change the way you think. Scientists learn new things and update their field studies, members of the medical field learn new things all the time and update their medical journals, we learn new things and refuse to make any changes whatsoever. When you know better you do better.

Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole


Mental  Metamorphosis

Is Mandatory...

Growth requires Change. Change requires Courage. Courage  requires Strength. Strength requires Discipline.. Discipline requires Resolution. Resolution requires Decision. Decision requires Knowledge. Knowledge requires Study. Study requires Direction. Direction requires Desire. Desire is the Catalyst for Growth and Development.


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How Deep Does
It Go



The World Council of Churches, along with the National Council of Churches are the authorizing bodies that are appointed as the doorkeepers to all doctrines that are being taught throughout all churches that fall under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church, which is the mother of all Modern Christianity.

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and Disbelief

When people are confronted with a truth that exposes what they currently believe, instead

of changing to conform to the truth they now know, they continue to hold on to the traditions they've been taught

all of their lives.


Comments & Reviews

I have read the Bible and attended church all of my life, but never understood what I now understand as a result of reading this book. Thank you so much.

Pamela B.

This is a book that you will either love or hate. Either way you will be challenged to rehash your beliefs.

Robert S.

As the world begins to awake from the stupor they have been placed under by mainstream religion, this book will become more and more relevant.

Braxx A.


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